Hyd for Men Review

I received three Hyd for Men products from the iFabbo SHOP for consideration. I received their buffer stick, shave cream, and razor shield. Lucky for my boyfriend, he got to try them out and loved the products. I’ll just let him tell you how he feels about the products himself.
Hyd for MenGuys, if you care about your face, get all three products right now.  The three part program tackles the difficulties most guys face with shaving.  Don’t be turned away by thinking it’s too much work, or that it will take to much time.  I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you take your money maker seriously.  So here’s why these products will make your face so F#@king smooth.

Hyd for Men Buffer Stick

The Buffer Stick

I was hesitant to use this, it doesn’t have the manliest smell, but as a pre-shave treatment, it doesn’t get much better.  I have very coarse, curly facial hair, so ingrown hairs reek havoc on my neck line.  I’ve been using the buffer bar for about 2 weeks now, and have only fallen victim to 1.  Not even the red razor bumps us black men are known for getting.  I use it as the last part of my shower right before I shave.

Hyd for Men Products

Shave Cream

Talk about a smooth f#@king shave!  I’ve tried every blade and shave cream out there that promises a “friction free” shave.  This is the real deal.  Pleasantly smelling and instantly making my blade glide over my face with no pulling, tugging or hesitation on the blade.  1 pass through and it’s as clean of a shave as you can get!

Razor Shield
I wasn’t too sure on the benefit of this razor oil but I have to admit, I’m impressed.  I figured, since this was going to be a test, I should really test to see how this is going to work.  I used a disposable razor for this entire process.  I’ve never had a good shave with a disposable, but after being thoroughly impressed with the previous products, I had high hopes for the blade saver as well.  Each shave felt like it was the first time the blade was being used, even the moisture strip felt brand new.  Amazing!!!

All in all, I won’t be going back to conventional shaving products for a long time.  I love not having the painful bumps on my face and neck anymore and HYD has made my morning shave as enjoyable as my morning coffee.  Well maybe not that enjoyable, but pretty darn close!

OK, it’s me again. How did he do? iFabbo had an interview with Hyd for Men founder, Adam Berk, posted on their blog if you would like to learn more about the founder, the brand, and its products which you can find here.  If you would like to try any of the Hyd for Men products yourself, I have a coupon code for you. Use the code: SAVE20 on their site for 20% off your first purchase.


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