Sigma F40 Brush Review

Over the weekend, I went to MN to attend my friend’s wedding. We got in Friday afternoon and decided to go to the Mall of America to kill some time. I did not know that they had a Sigma store and was really happy to have found it on accident. I think it’s pretty new as it’s not even listed on their Sigma Beauty Authorized Retailers list yet. I’ve had the F40 brush bookmarked on Amazon for a while now after doing some research on what brushes beauty bloggers recommend and rave about. I needed a brush for contouring and this one came highly recommended. The MAC comparable is their 168 Large Angled Contour brush (for twice as much).

Sigma F40 Brush

The store was brightly lit and filled with brushes. They also have makeup too which I did not know. The sales associates were all really friendly and helpful. She asked me what I was looking for and I told her that I wanted a contouring brush. She showed me different options. Of course, I went with the F40. I really wanted every single brush they had in the store, but that would be overkill. I even got a small eye shadow trio as a free sample during checkout.

Sigma F40 Contouring Brush

I already had makeup on that day but was so excited to try my new brush out the next day. I used it for contouring my cheek bones and it worked great. It’s really a fool-proof contouring brush due to its shape. This would also work great with a powder blush since it’s about the size of my cheek bones. The brush is super soft too and not scratchy at all. Also, I did not experience any shedding.

Only time will tell if this brush holds up, but I am hopeful that it will as many beauty bloggers rave about Sigma and even compare it to MAC brushes. Sigma brushes are so much more affordable though!


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