How to Make a S’more on the Grill

How to Make a S'more on the Grill

Step 1. assemble ingredients to make a smore

Step 2. Put smore on grill

Step 3. Cook for 5 minutes and enjoy!I don’t know if it’s just me, but has anyone else noticed the recent craze surrounding s’mores? The combination of a gooey toasted marshmallow with chocolate cannot be beat. My favorite way to make s’mores is around a campfire. However, campfires do not occur too often out here in Arizona so the next best way is with an oven or grill. I guess I have been talking non-stop about s’mores because my boyfriend surprised me with all the ingredients necessary to make a s’more. Since we have been grilling more on the weekends, I decided to make a s’more using the grill.

The trick that I discovered after a few s’mores is to put the foil packet down so that the marshmallow is closest to the grill and the chocolate is on top. The marshmallow needs more heat for it to soften while the chocolate does not. Enjoy!


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