How to Make a Curling Wand

How to make your own curling wandStep 1. Use a curling ironStep 2. Pull the stand outStep 3. Remove all screws

I will admit it. I cannot figure out how to curl my hair with a curling iron no matter how many Youtube videos I watch. I somehow manage to get crimp marks and only know how to curl my hair on one side and away from my face. I like to curl my hair alternating the curls towards my face and away my face so that the curled strands do not lump together in to one huge curl. The only way I know how to do this is with a curling wand.

I prefer to make my own curling wand from a barrel curling iron because it is cheaper and the ends are not tapered in to a cone shape. Plus, I am sure most people have a curling iron laying around. I have bought a curling wand before but could not get my hair to stay on it since the ends were narrower. I know they now make curling wands that do not do this.

You can use any sized curling iron you want. I have a 1 in and 1 1/4 in curling iron from Hot Tools. I prefer the 1 1/4 inch since my hair is so long. I also buy them from Amazon because they are much cheaper that way.

This is so easy to do, all you need is a curling iron and a screwdriver. Follow the steps above and you have yourself a curling wand. I place all the parts in to a large zip lock bag so that I can always put it back together if I ever want to again in the future.

Curled Hair SelfieVoila! Perfect wavy/curled hair. Side note: if you want Shirley Temple curls, a curling wand is not going to give you that look, sorry.


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