July 4th Weekend in San Diego

This past holiday weekend, I escaped the heat by going to San Diego again. The weather was perfect and I got to go on some new adventures. Here are a few highlights from the trip.

Michele at SD State FairOn July 4th, we went to the San Diego State Fair. I had been once before 2 years ago when I first moved out to AZ. I love carnivals with the Ferris Wheel, fair food,  and games. I noticed that there wasn’t as much crazy fried food this year like fried Kool-aid or butter. Maybe people are finally starting to get healthier, minus the chocolate covered bacon. I also tried one of those 25 cent foot massages out for the first time and it was totally worth it and just what my tired feet needed after walking around for 3 hours.

Gaslamp QuarterAt night, we went to the Gaslamp Quarter for dinner and to catch the fireworks show. The Gaslamp Quarter is definitely one of my favorite places in San Diego. I like how laid back it is but at the same time, it’s not filled with college kids like Pacific Beach. There are also tons of great local restaurants and bars to explore.


PelicanThe next day, we went to Ocean Beach for lunch where I got some delicious shrimp cocktail and fish tacos. We then spent some time walking on the Fishermen’s Pier where we saw this huge pelican.

Cabrillo National MonumentOur next adventure was to the Cabrillo National Monument, one of my favorite parts of the trip. For the best view of San Diego, you must go here and be sure to do the hike down the trail. The view is awesome, you can see all of San Diego. On a clear day, you’re also supposed to see some whales. While we did the hike in street clothes and I had sandals on, I would recommend some closed toed shoes as the trail is pretty rocky.

Balboa ParkAs if our feet weren’t hurting enough from the hike, we then decided to go check out Balboa Park. I’ve been wanting to go the past 2 times we were in San Diego but we just didn’t have the time. I’m so glad that we had time this time as Balboa park is beautiful. It reminded me of being in Hyde Park in London.

Balboa ParkThe architecture at Balboa Park is stunning. You can see all of the Spanish influences and intricate carvings. I would love to pack a picnic next time and enjoy it at the park.

Ricotta + Honey Comb VasiAfter all that walking, we were hungry. I wanted to eat outside on a patio and enjoy the lovely weather so we headed off to Little Italy. We came across this restaurant Davanti Enoteca and dine on their front patio. We got the ricotta and honey comb appetizer (seen above) which was delicious. I could seriously eat this every single day. I’ve never had honey comb before and it’s one of my new favorite things. It tastes just like honey but isn’t as sweet and is a lot milder tasting. We also shared a bruschette and their Pizza D.O.C. which were also amazing.

Arizona DriveThis trip was filled with tons of new memories and adventures. On the way home, I insisted that we stop in Dateland so that I could try their World Famous Date Shakes. Let me tell you, it was so good! If you ever drive through, be sure to stop and get one.




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