Day Trip to Sedona

Oak Creek Canyon SedonaThis Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Sedona for a day trip. Sedona is one of my favorite places and absolutly beautiful. Unfortunately, we did not escape the heat as it was still over 110° up north. Our first stop was Oak Creek Canyon. I had first driven through it 2 years ago when I was going from the Grand Canyon to Sedona. It’s a beautiful drive and unlike anything I have seen before. We wanted to go to Sliding Rock but so did everyone else. Therefore, we pulled off to the side of the road and I was able to capture the picture above.

Red Rock State ParkNext stop, Red Rock State Park. There’s a $10 fee if you’re driving in to the park. Does hiking in 100° plus weather officially make me a Zonie? Without an agenda, we started hiking. Not too long in to the hike, we came across this awesome bridge over a creek. We ended up getting on the Birds Nest trail and found ourselves hiking up and up away from the nice shade of the trees and closer to the scorching sun.

Red Rock State Park SedonaWhen we finally made it to the Birds Nest, the view was breathtaking. I felt like I was on top of the world. The 360° panoramic view of Sedona’s famous Red Rocks is awesome. After enjoying the view and re-hydrating, we hiked back down and on to a different path. After about 2 hours, we decided that we were done hiking and wanted some ice cream.

After getting some much needed ice cream in town, we spent a few hours walking around and visiting the shops. Make sure you stop at Buck Thornton’s World of Jerky to sample all different types of jerky that the owners make themselves. This time, I sampled kangaroo. Surprisingly, it was my favorite because it was meaty and not super chewy and tough. I always make sure to stop in every time I visit.

Son Silver West GalleryWe had about an hour before Elote opened for dinner so we decided to stop by this awesome shop we found last time (the one with the huge rooster in front). Son Silver West Gallery is definitely worth checking out. There are hundreds of vintage metal signs everywhere, ceramic art, and much more.

Son Silver West GalleryVortex at Sedona
VortexThey even have their own vortex which was voted the best vortex in Sedona. I’m not sure what makes one vortex better than another though. After exploring everything the gallery has to offer, it was finally time for dinner.

EloteElote is a super popular Mexican restaurant in Sedona so make sure you get there early. The restaurant opens at 5pm and when we got there at 4:45pm, there was already a small line out the door. We started with their Elote appetizer which is a delicious corn dip. I also had their white peach ice tea to drink, which was unlike anything I have had before.

Carne Asada at EloteAfter much deliberation, I chose to have the Carne Asada. It was super flavorful, not too spicey, and the blue cheese on it was the perfect touch. Then again, anything with blue cheese on it is good in my books.

Kahula FlanEven though I was full, I had to get dessert. We got their salted caramel kahula flan. The salty and sweet combination was perfect. Elote did not let us down and it was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

If you haven’t been to Sedona yet, make sure to add it to your list of things to do. There’s something for everyone and it’s so laid back.


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