Local Adventures in Phoenix

I went and saw This is the End Friday night after hearing how awesome it was. I have to say, there were definitely a lot of laughable moments. Such a random movie. Like most of you, there’s probably 1 movie theater that you always go to. I just inquired about my movie theater’s loyalty program and signed up for it. I feel like I’m at the theaters every weekend. This is a great way for you to earn free perks on something you’re going to spend money on anyway. Also, remember to use your student IDs if you still have one for a student discount. Lastly, many theaters offer discounts during the weekday and at earlier times. There are many ways to save a few bucks at the movies!

The CafeThe CafeI ran out of my favorite peanut butter and needed to make a trip to the Phoenix Public Market to pick some more out. I’ve mentioned them in a past post, but you have to try Peanut Butter Americano if you’re in the area. Their white chocolate is one of my favorites and their honey cinnamon flavor is great too. You can now order online if you’re not local. I don’t like how homemade peanut butter separates so that all the oil is on top. Also, they’re pretty bland tasting. This is not the case here. No need to mix and the different flavors that they add in make them taste even better than any store bought brand. They also have an original one too if you don’t want the added flavors.

The Cafe at the Phoenix Public Market also recently opened and I had to check it out. Business was pretty good around lunch time on Saturday. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also offer Happy Hour everyday from 3pm-close. Did I mention that they have a Pimms Cup on their drink menu? They carry a lot of local goods too. It’s definitely a cute spot to hang out and I plan on making a trip there for Happy Hour soon. The two pictures above are from here.

Next, we went to the Park ‘n Swap in Phoenix. I’ve been wanting to go to a flea market, especially since that show Flea Market Flip on HGTV came out. They always find the coolest things! Anyway, the Park ‘n Swap was nothing like that. It was mostly used goods, some clothing, and a bunch of random other stuff. I know they have flea markets up in Cave Creek during the fall so I’ll have to do some more research on that. If you have a good flea market in the AZ area, please let me know.

Snoh Ice Shavery

Since it was like 115 degrees, we needed to go somewhere to cool off. My coworker introduced me to Snoh Ice Shavery last week and it’s been on my mind since. This time, I got the mango flavor with lychee jelly and a little bit of condensed milk. It was so good! Probably my go to combination now. My boyfriend got the strawberry flavor with mochi and chocolate sauce. It’s so hard to explain what it is, you really just have to try it for yourself. The texture is so light and fluffy, like snow. It’s not heavy like froyo or ice cream and not icey like your traditional snow cone. Have you had this before? It’s my first time learning about it and I’m hooked. The atmosphere is pretty cool with local artwork hanging on the wall. They also have bubble tea too!

At night, we met up with some friends at The Pita House in Oldtown for hookah and cards. It’s been ages since I played an actual card game that doesn’t involve drinking. It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday night. I had to go out and buy Cranium the next day for us to play next time as I love that game.

Union Biltmore

On Sunday, we ran some errands and went to the Biltmore Fashion Square to walk around before dinner. Did you know that you can buy hot or ice tea at Teavana? I didn’t, I thought you could only buy the leaves and accessories. We sampled a bunch of different fruity tea flavors and they were all so good. Once I use up the tea collection that I have, I’ll have to go back to buy some more. I forgot the one that I ended up getting to go, it involved passion fruit and another fruity blend. We then went to the Union to peruse the different shops inside. They have a bunch of random things, kind of like the novelty stuff you’d find at Urban Outfitters. There’s a bike shop instead, natural beauty products, clothing shops, glasses, and more. Honestly, it’s all pretty pricey and nothing I would probably actually buy, but it’s cool to look at.

Delux Fries

Delux Turkey Burger

For dinner, we went to Delux Burger.  This was the first place that my boyfriend took me out to and since it’s our anniversary today, we decided to go there. They serve their fries in the cutest little shopping cart. We both got their turkey burgers which are huge and delicious. They also serve sushi now too. Their desert menu sounds delicious but we never have room.

Black and white chevron dress

On our way home, we stopped at TJ Maxx as they have the best bargains. I bought a cute black and white chevron dress ($20). I saw one similar at the Union which retailed for $80. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are definitely my 2 go to places for shopping as you can’t beat their prices. I feel like I always get complimented on things that I get from there too.

I’m going to Sedona next Saturday and am super excited for that adventure as it’s so gorgeous up there and it’ll be a nice escape from the heat.


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