RocksBox Review – A Jewelry Lover’s Dream

RocksBoxI was so excited when I got an email notification letting me know that my RocksBox has finally been delivered. I had first begun my membership (which was given to me for consideration and in no way affects my opinions) back in April but due to an overwhelmingly large response, membership was delayed. I thought that it was really nice that I received an email informing me of the situation and letting me know that membership doesn’t begin until my first box is shipped.

What is RocksBox? It’s a really neat concept for all you fashionistas out there. Basically, you receive 3 pieces at a time for you to enjoy and show off for 60 days. After 60 days (or sooner if you’d like), you can return the 3 pieces in exchange for 3 new ones with their postage-paid envelope. Or, if there are 1 or 2 (heck, even all 3) that you really love and want to keep, you can purchase it. Whatever you don’t send back is what you’ll be charged for. Included in your box is a price sheet that lets you know exactly what everything costs. Easy enough. The turn-around time between boxes if very quick. As soon as they receive the returned box, they will ship a new one out within a few days.

There is a simple survey when you begin your membership where you tell them a little about yourself and select pieces that you like so that they can get a good sense of your style. You can even request all gold or silver jewelry and if you don’t have your ears pierced like me, you can opt to not receive any earrings.

RocksBox RingOK, so here’s what I got in my first box. The Mirror Gems Double Mirror Ring by Isharya is seen above. It’s an easy to wear ring that will go with pretty much anything.

RocksBox NecklaceNext, I received the Amanda Necklace by Angel Court. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan at first. However, it definitely grew on me and I ended up sporting it to a concert last night and am wearing it again today to work. The great thing about RocksBox is that you’ll receive pieces that you may not necessarily pick out at the store but end up enjoying.

RocksBox BraceletThe last piece I received is the Grey and Gold Bracelet Wrap by Urban Gem. I love wrap bracelets and this is something that I probably would have picked out myself.

I don’t know if they did this on purpose, but all 3 pieces can be worn together (and I did). I also liked that I received 1 of everything instead of 3 rings. I’m not in love with any of the 3 pieces so I won’t be purchasing any this time around, but that’s not to say that I won’t in the future. If you’re curious and want to learn more, check out their website here (you’ll get a month free by using that link). If you want to see what kinds of pieces they’re sending out, you can do so on different social media channels by looking up #RocksBoxiFabbo on Twitter or Instagram or look on their Facebook or Twitter pages to see what others have posted.

Membership is very reasonable and the jewelry prices vary. I love the fact that I can sport so many pieces, it’s like I have an infinite jewelry box (which is every girl’s dream)!

Currently, they offer 3 different membership options which can be found on their website. For all of my readers, you can take advantage of 50% off for 3 months ($9.50/month – first 3 months) by using the promo code: FABB. How cool is that? Ask me for a referral link if you’re interested in signing up too.

Will you sign up for RocksBox? What are your favorite “box” concepts?

Rocksbox-2Update: here is what I got in my 2nd box (in case you didn’t see my first Instagram video). I definitely like the contents of this box much better. Unfortunately, the necklace broke when I was putting it on. Huge bummer as that was my favorite piece out the collection.


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