Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego

San Diego NailsThis past Memorial Day weekend, I went to San Diego for some good food, adventures, and beaches. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite beach weather, but we were still able to enjoy ourselves. I realize I haven’t done a Manicure Monday post in a long time, so above is a picture of the manicure I sported in San Diego. Have you tried the Sally Hansen stick-on nail polishes? They’re super easy to apply and is what I have on my ring finger.

Since we were staying at some dog friendly hotels over the weekend and San Diego is very dog friendly, we decided to take along Enzo. He was very excited for his first road trip!

Fried Quail and WafflesWe stayed in Encinitas Friday night since it was a last minute decision to leave Friday instead of Saturday and I found a great hotel deal there. I’ve been once before 2 years ago. We went to Union Kitchen and Tap for dinner since our original place of Encinitas Ale House was packed. We shared the fried quail and waffles since neither of us were too hungry. This was my first time having quail and it was delicious! The waffles were a bit on the burnt side but overall, a great dish. They didn’t have the beer selection that my boyfriend was looking for so we decided to go back to Encinitas Ale House for drinks. It’s a very low-key and small bar but they have a huge selection of all different kinds of craft beers.

Baked Brie and OlivesAfter a few drinks, we decided to go to one more place to end the night. Encinitas 3rd Corner was just down the street and they’re one of the few places open past midnight. On that note, we noticed mostly everything closes at midnight in San Diego. So weird! Anyway, we were a little hungry again so we got their baked brie in puff pastry and olive sampler. The baked brie was so good! I’ve never had it served that way. I’ll have to figure out how to make it myself, I’ve heard it’s pretty easy. The olive sampler was huge. That’s a large coffee cup you see in the picture above  filled with olives. I’m not a huge olive fan so my boyfriend ate the majority of them. Some of my coworkers also happened to be in the area so they met up with us there as well. It was a great way to spend our first night.

Tub o TunaThe next morning, we had to check out of our hotel and head towards San Diego. We stopped by a sandwich place in Del Mar called Board & Brew. They have a dog friendly patio so it was the perfect place to take Enzo. The sandwiches are huge. I was full after eating half of mine but tried to eat as much of the other half as I can. I hate to waste food and we wouldn’t be checking in to our hotel for a few hours.

After lunch, we went to Coronado Island. I’ve never been before but heard that it’s a lovely place to visit. It’s like the Cape Cod of the west coast. I still prefer Cape Cod though. Our first stop was Coronado’s Dog Beach. It was Enzo’s first time at the beach. I think he enjoyed it. It was funny watching him walk in the sand and go up to the water and then run away as the waves came. We didn’t let him off the leash since there were a lot of dogs there and we’re not quite sure how he would handle it since he’s pretty shy.

coronadoAfter the beach, we walked around town. We walked by the famous Coronado Hotel and saw a ton of boats.

boatsCoronado Island is a fun place to spend the day. There are many cute shops and places to eat. You can either drive or take a boat to the island. The drive from San Diego is about 15 minutes.

lobster rollFor dinner, we sent to Spike Africa’s. I picked this place out because they had a lobster roll on their menu. Since we’re in San Diego, might as well get some delicious sea food. Their lobster roll was delicious. I would definitely go back again. They use the same toast that you would get on the East Coast. The only difference is that there’s avocado in it. Everybody else thoroughly enjoyed their meals as well. After dinner, we walked to Extraordinary Desserts.  I was told to go here by a friend and I’m so glad we went. It was packed when we got there so we got the desserts to go. We didn’t eat the cakes until the next day but they were so good. The Gladiator was my favorite. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in it and toffee bits.

drinkAfter we picked up dessert, we stopped in Magnolia Tap & Kitchen since it was right next to our parking lot. It was a great bar to spend the rest of the night. The bartenders were super friendly and they had a ton of great beers and cocktails. The bartender made me their Aviation drink (seen above). I’m not a huge fan of martinis or drinks with barely any mixers in there but for a drink that was all alcohol, this one was delicious. We were also convinced to get their pecan pie with bourbon infused whipped cream. Boy am I glad we did. The pie was warm and not too sweet.

Baked Bear Ice Cream SandwichOn Sunday, we went to La Jolla for a kayak tour. I don’t have any pictures just yet since I took them on a waterproof camera. The waves were rough which made kayaking difficult. It was my first time and I’m not good at it at all. We did get to see some fish and sea lions up close which was cool. However, it wasn’t my favorite. For dinner, we went to Pacific Beach to get some fish tacos. We then went to a bar for some drinks. Pacific Beach wasn’t really my scene though. Every where was packed because of the Holiday. Also, it’s filled with younger surfer bros and super loud bars. We did find a place called Baked Bear and stopped in for an ice cream sandwich.

sweetsOn Monday, we went to Basic to grab some pizza for lunch. The pizza was delicious and hit the spot. Before heading home, we both wanted Extraordinary Desserts again. This time we dined in since there wasn’t a wait. Again, everything we got was wonderful. If you’re ever in the San Diego area, make sure you go!

enzoI was so full from lunch and desserts that I wanted to walk around Little Italy before hitting the road. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. There are a ton of local eateries along the street. It’s nothing like the Little Italy in New York though. I was expecting more shops and street vendors.

Overall, I had a blast in San Diego. We ate way too much food and went on many adventures and experienced new things. Now I need another vacation from my last vacation.


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