Live Music and a Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was pretty laid back and relaxing. It’s always nice to have a weekend where you don’t really have much planned.


Friday: I went to Crescent Ballroom for dinner and for the RAC show with Penguin Prison. I have never been there before but have always wanted to. It’s a really cool venue. The front of it is a bar/restaurant and then the back half separated by a wall is where the lounge and stage is. Kind of like a smaller House of Blues kind of feeling, very intimate. Most of the artists that come through are smaller and not as well known. However, they do have bigger name artists every now and then like Modest Mouse.


Saturday: We went to Dutch Bros. for coffee in the morning. This is easily becoming my new favorite place. The service is super friendly, the drinks are delicious, and the price is very reasonable. It’s a drive thru only place. If you haven’t been yet, check it out! I got the dirty chai this time, delicious. We spent the greater part of our afternoon car shopping for my boyfriend. Once we finally got the car, what felt like hours later, one of our friends came over and we went to Bev Mo. I found an apricot pear cider that I wanted to try. I also found a lychee liquor, anyone heard or have tried SoHo Lychee? I love lychee so I’m very curious to see what it tastes like. Also, check out the cute little red cups that I found. These are seriously the perfect size for me for a regular drink (I’m not a big drinker). We spent the rest of our night watching the Avengers.


Sunday: We had no plans on Sunday so it was a pretty lazy day. We went to Costco for some grocery shopping and then watched TV/movies the rest of the day. They were having a super hero marathon so I watched Hulk and Iron Man 1 to prep for the new Iron Man 3 movie coming out this weekend.


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