Weekend Recap: Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Out of AfricaSaturday: Since my Mom and Sister are in town, we decided to go on a fun day trip to Out of Africa Wildlife Park. I took them to Over Easy for breakfast since it was along the way and it’s delicious, cheap, and quick. They also checked out the ice skating rink that is attached to it since my Sister is an ice skater. After breakfast, we made the drive up north. We wanted to do the Unimog tour which departed at 11 and 2 and since we just missed the 11 tour, we had to kill some time there until our tour at 2. We caught the show where the white tiger played with the inflatable toys which was cool and walked around the grounds.

camelThe Unimog tour was probably the highlight for me because I got to feed the giraffe and camel. We also got to drive right up to the zebras and other animals. The whole tour was about 40 minutes. If you’ve been to any larger zoo or safari tour, Out of Africa may not be as impressive to you since it is smaller, but it was still fun and something different to do.

horseSunday: We woke up early and went to MacDonald Ranch for some horseback riding. We used to take horseback riding lessons when we were younger until we had to quit because my Mom was allergic to the barn. The trail was 2 hours long and it went by quickly. The guides were really fun and the weather was perfect. If you’ve never gone horseback riding before, I recommend you try it out. Anyone can do it, even younger children. Warning, you’ll probably have a sore butt when you’re done though.

This weekend was a ton of fun filled with many new adventures but boy did it wear us out. I’m excited for what adventures the next weekend will bring since I’ll be going to California.


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