Stud Love

Stud Love by MicheleStuds aren’t just for punk rockers, motorcycle dudes, or Lady Gaga wannabees anymore. Many designers are embracing studs and making them easily accessible and wearable no matter what your fashion sense is. I put together a collection of studded clothing and jewelry that I would actually wear. I’m loving the Michael Kors Small Sloan Studded Shoulder Bag (seen above). It comes in pink, white, and navy. I only wish they had it in black. I also have the black studded leather bracelet (seen above) in white for years now. It’s super easy to wear with most casual outfits and a lot of people notice it because it’s a little unexpected. I just finished making a DIY studded jean cuff and will be posting it soon.

What do you think about studs? Will you be sporting a piece this spring?


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