St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

20130317-200200.jpgI hope you all had a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Even though I didn’t really partake in any St. Patrick’s Day festivities, I still wore green so that I wouldn’t get pinched. I was worried that it would be too hot to wear jeans but luckily, it started to cool down later in the evening and at night, I was glad I had jeans on.

20130317-200226.jpgMy boyfriend recently bought me the above fedora while we were at Kohl’s one night getting his watch re-sized. I’ve been eyeing these hats ever since they became popular a few years ago but never bought one. I’m going to Coachella in less than a month (woot!) and want a hat to help keep the sun out and to hide my potentially dirty hair. I love that this hat is packable too. I’m obsessed and pretty much wore it this whole weekend!

20130317-200155.jpgI know that I just did a post on this blouse, but it’s probably one of my favorites in my closet right now. I love the lace detailing on the collar. The great thing about white is that it pretty much goes with everything and I know that I’ll be utilizing this top a lot over the spring and summer.

Anna & I

My friend that I met up with for dinner happened to be my opposite twin. To dress my outfit up more, I would have worn wedges with it but opted for a more casual look.

{blouse: Marshalls, jeans: Guess, fedora: Kohl’s, aviators: Ralph Lauren, handbag: Michael Kors, watch: Michael Kors, sandals: Target}


2 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

  1. You look darling!!!! Hey gf my pave bracelet that I got from is on sale again for only $25 if you’re interested!!! I bought another one just to have! 🙂

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