Weekend Adventures in Phoenix

20130318-112455.jpgFriday: I went bowling Friday night with the boy. They had a 2 hour special and we bowled for a good part of it. Surprisingly, bowling is a great form of exercise. My legs and butt are still sore today from it. My bowling class skills that I took in college paid off too because I won our first game (and won’t let him forget it). My friend got off of work when we were done so we met up with her at Z’tejas in Old Town and took advantage of their reverse Happy Hour.

20130317-200317.jpgSaturday: The weather was so nice in the morning that we decided to take Enzo for a walk around the park since it was getting a little late to go hiking. We ran some errands and then went to Happy Hour/Dinner with my couple friend at FEZ. Their food and margaritas are delicious. I highly recommend the FEZ burger and apricot margarita, they’re the best.

20130317-200445.jpgAfter dinner, we drove by The Yard and decided to check it out. It is such a cool concept. It really feels like you’re in someone’s backyard and they have games like bags, ping-pong, and Foosball. The live band they had was great too and really set the mood. It was super crowded though so we never got a chance to play any of the games.

20130317-200217.jpgSunday: We woke up early and went to Over Easy with my couple friend again for breakfast before our big hike. I had the Waffle Dogs and they were delicious. I believe they were featured on the Food Network for DDD and Best Thing I Ever Ate. I substituted turkey sausage to make it healthier. Basically it’s like a sausage wrapped in a pancake. The portion was on the smaller side but it filled me up as I don’t have much of an appetite in the morning. 20130317-200208.jpgAfter breakfast, we went to Pinnacle Peak for a good 4 mile hike. It was just the right amount of challenge for me and I even did a little jogging. We saw some really great views and even ran in to a few Gila Monsters! I can see myself hiking Pinnacle Peak again in my new future as it was a great workout. 20130317-200213.jpgAfter the hike, we went to my pool to cool off and relax. I started to get hungry and while we had dinner cooking in the crock pot, my boyfriend and I went to Sweet Republic to get a treat. They have the best hand-crafted ice cream. If you ever find yourself in Scottsdale, make sure you go! Their Toffee Banoffee sundae was Alton Brown’s choice in The Best Thing I Ever Ate. We had it the last time we went, and it did not disappoint!


20130317-210609.jpgSince it was St. Patrick’s day, we got one scoop of their Chocolate Guinness and one scoop of their Almond Toffee Crunch topped with their delicious salted caramel sauce and homemade toasted marshmallow.  I finally tried their Honey Blue Cheese flavor (yes, you read that right) and it was pretty good. It was a little salty from the cheese but still sweet. I may have to get a whole scoop of that next time when I’m not sharing since my boyfriend doesn’t like blue cheese.

While this weekend was relaxing, I still got to try new things and it was great to catch up with old friends.


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