Own Lifting Eye Cream

Own Lifting Eye CreamTwo weeks ago I received Own’s Lifting Eye Cream ($23.99) for consideration so I’ve been using it twice a day ever since. I’ve recently started to use eye cream because my under eye area was super dry and my concealer was making the flakes even more noticeable. I’m not too concerned with crow’s feet or wrinkles, although it can’t hurt to be proactive. After 2 weeks of use, I noticed that my under eye area wasn’t as dry and my concealer glided on nicer. I also like that the cream blends in very nicely with my skin. Some under eye creams are meant to be used more so at night and therefore have a greasier formula which is a problem if you try to put under eye concealer over it. I also like that it comes in a small tube that is super easy to throw in to your makeup bag for traveling.

Own Lifting Eye CreamThis product didn’t have an odor to me and is also paraben and sulfate free. It’s been dermatologist tested and I wear contacts and it doesn’t bother my eyes at all. I included a few photos of the box below so that you can read all of the claims. It’ll be interesting to see if I can see a difference after 8 weeks. I’ll definitely check back in if I do. My mom’s coming in town tonight for a few weeks so I think I’ll let her try this out to see what she thinks since this eye cream is formulated more for people who are concerned with aging.

If you’re interested in checking this product or any of their other products out, go here and use the code CLAIFABBO1 for 30% off your first purchase.

Do you use an under eye cream? If so, which is your favorite and why do you use it?


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