How To Paint Ombre Nails

How To Paint Ombre NailsOmbre is very in right now. When I saw an ombre manicure, I knew I had to try it out right way. To achieve this look, you’ll need 2-3 colors of nail polish and a makeup sponge.

1. I chose to use 3 blue colors that complimented each other. You can use any colors you want, they don’t even have to be in the same color family. Using the lightest color, paint all of your nails with it.

2. (Optional) On a piece of wax paper or plastic, take your colors of nail polish and paint a swatch of each really close to each other. With a toothpick, mix the colors together at the edges. Personally, I prefer to skip this step and go straight to 3.

3. Paint a strip of each color on to a makeup sponge. If you chose to do step 2, take the makeup sponge and dab it over the polish so that you get a good amount on the sponge.

4. Take your sponge and dab it across each of your nails horizontally. You’ll find that the more polish you have on the sponge, the smoother the texture will be and the easier it’ll blend. Don’t worry if it’s bumpy, a nice coat of top coat will help to fix that.

That’s it! What color combos do you like to do for ombre nails?



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