Beautisol Tea Tan Glow – Instant Tan

Beautisol Tea Tan GlowWow, I haven’t used an instant bronzer product in a long time. The problem with them is that they’re messy to apply, can look too orangey, and they have that awful smell to them. When Beautisol sent me their Tea Tan Glow, Instant Bronzer ($25) for consideration, I was skeptical at first. Tea Tan Glow is an instant tan in a bottle with no commitment. I kind of wish it wasn’t the case though because the bottle says to avoid wearing it with white, light colored clothing, and you can’t sweat either because it washes away easily with soap and water. How embarrassing would that be if your faux tan started to wash away. Plus, wouldn’t it look weird if you were beautifully bronzed one day and pasty white the next?Tea Tan Glow Before and AfterAnyway… this bronzer really is streak free. The application mitt that came with this is genius (see image below). Your hands never have to touch the product and it helps you spread the foam on easy peasy. There is a scent but it’s more of a floraly/fresh scent. I had to apply 3-4 layers on my legs before I really noticed a difference. However, the more layers I added, it stayed at that perfect tan color and never became orange. The product itself is a pretty dark brown color but again, it goes on pretty sheer allowing you to build up the color you want.


My Tea Tan Glow also came with a handy guide that tells you how much you’ll need to apply based on the body area and also some tips and tricks.


Tea Tan Glow is paraben free, sulphate free, mineral oil free, vegan, and cruelty free – how cool is that? Ha, I just read their disclaimer. It says, “Additional Warning: This product may cause unsolicited compliments and flirtatious behavior”.

This is a great body bronzer and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick faux tan. It would probably be a good idea to wear it in the colder months when you’re not prone to sweat and humidity and remember to wear dark colored clothing.

Interested in picking this up for yourself? Beautisol is offering readers 20% off at using promo code: ifabboglow.

Disclosure: The product(s) featured in this review were provided for editorial consideration. Receipt of this product did not guarantee review and all opinions are my own.


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