NYX Liquid Black Liner

NYX Liquid Black Liner

As part of my mini-makeover, I decided that it was time to incorporate liquid eyeliner in to my everyday look. I’ve always reserved it for special occasions, but it really is super easy to apply and I think that it draws more attention to my eyes and makes my lashes look thicker. After perusing Ulta’s liquid eyeliner collection, I ended up picking NYX’s Liquid Black Liner ($5.99). I’ve used Cover Girl’s LineExact Liquid Liner ($7.49) in the past. If you’re a beginner, Cover Girl’s liquid liner is super easy to apply because it’s like a thin felt-tip marker. The reason I switched is because it is more expensive and doesn’t last as long.

NYX Liquid Black Liner

NYX Liquid Black LinerThis liner can take some time getting used to if you’re new to the whole liquid liner thing. Depending on the pressure and angle of application, you can change the thickness of the line. It lasts all day and is smudge-proof. See the swatch below? Once it dried, I tried rubbing it off and it wouldn’t budge. However, it does wash away in the shower or with make-up remover.

Ulta typically does buy 1 NYX product, get one 50% off so you can get this for even less. Don’t forget to pair it with their weekly coupon too! Don’t have an Ulta by you? You can purchase it on their website too.

NYX Liquid Black Liner Swatch


What’s your favorite NYX product?




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