Reviva Labs Lighten & Brighten Dark Spot Serum

Reviva Labs Lighten & Brighten Dark Spot Serum

I’ve never noticed how many freckles I had until I started doing this blog and photographing my face. Living in Arizona for almost 2 years will take its toll on your skin. I’ve been on the lookout for a product that will fade dark spots. When That Beauty Blog did a review on Reviva Labs Lighten & Brighten Dark Spot Serum ($18.99), I had to try it out. The brand looked familiar and it’s because Ulta carries the brand, huge bonus. I went to Ulta yesterday to pick it up and it was on sale for $16.14 before my $3.50 off coupon, not too shabby!

This product is formulated to be aggressive yet gentle and claims to reduce age or dark spots while brightening your overall complexion. It’s paraben free too. They do have other products such as their Brown Spot Cream which you can use it with for faster results.

Reviva Labs Lighten & Brighten Serum

One pump will dispense the amount seen above. This was more than enough to cover my entire face. If you’re looking to spot treat, don’t do the full pump. The serum worked in to my skin nicely and I couldn’t even tell it was on. Apply this serum below your regular moisturizers.

I decided to take a before photo and will do a post later with my progress so continue to check back!


What are your favorite Reviva Labs products? Would you recommend that I use their dark spot creams with this?

Update: I know I promised another update with my results so here it is 4 months later (today is July 21, 2013).

Dark-Spot-Serum-AfterUnfortunately, I did not notice any significant differences with the use of this product. I have even been using SPF 30-50 every time I go outside to prevent new freckles from forming. I had really high hopes that this product would work and really wanted it to because of it’s affordable price tag. This just shows that sometimes it’s worth to pay more for certain products.



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