Benefit Fakeup

Benefit Fakeup


Benefit’s newest product is Fakeup ($24) which is a hydrating, crease-control concealer. It comes in 3 colors: light, medium, and deep. It’s designed for under-eye use and claims to keep your under-eye area hydrated for 6 hours. The packaging reminds me of a cute lipstick tube where the product twists up and down. The concealer is in the center of the tube with a hydrating ring around it.

Benefit Fakeup

The texture reminds me of a lip balm and it is not a heavy or thick concealer. Fakeup is more of a light to medium coverage so if you have really dark circles, this may not work for you. The 3 color options are also limiting as well. I tried the medium and it worked pretty well but once I get tanner in the summer, I can see how it will no longer work for me. Below is a swatch of medium.
Benefit Fakeup Medium Swatch

I did really like the way it felt. It wasn’t heavy and didn’t crease or settle in to any lines. However, I wasn’t blown away by it and will stick to what I have.



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