Lilly Brush – Lint Remover

Lilly Brush ($12.95)

The Lilly Brush ($12.95) was sent to me for consideration and is a pill remover which claims to be like a magic wand with nylon bristles. I remember ruining many sweaters in High School with a fabric shaver. Putting a small hole in your sweater was always the worst so I was excited when I saw a brush that could do the same thing without a risk of ruining your clothes. The Lilly Brush comes in two colors, Classic Red and Graphite Grey. The packaging reminds me of a tooth brush with a traveling tooth brush case.

Living in the Southwest, I don’t have nearly as many sweaters as I used to own but did find a couple of sweaters that had some pills on the seams that needed to be removed. You can find the company’s before and after pictures on their website here. Unfortunately, I did not have the same results. The nice thing about the fabric shavers are that they actually remove the pills. With the brush, it simply brushes them down, which did not give me the same results as shown on their website. It didn’t quite work as a lint roller either. It did catch some hairs but mostly just brushed them down on to the sweater.

I had really high hopes for this product and will continue to try it out on different sweaters but so far I’ve had no luck.

Have you tried the Lilly Brush yet? What were your results?


M.A. Lamont commented below that this brush should be used on 100% natural fibers so I went in to my closet and pulled out a 100% wool sweater that I have from J. Crew. I have to admit the results were much better this time. Below is a before and after shot (clicking on the image will enlarge it in a new screen). While the Lilly Brush did not remove the pills, it brushed them out and allowed them to blend in better with the sweater. It definitely looks a lot better.

Lilly Brush Before & After

I will continue to use the brush on different kinds of sweaters as pills form to see what it works best on.

Disclosure: The product(s) featured in this review were provided for editorial consideration. Receipt of this product did not guarantee review and all opinions are my own.


2 responses to “Lilly Brush – Lint Remover

  1. I purchased a Lilly Brush several months ago and love it. As an avid knitter, I have a lot of very precious sweaters to save…most notably some pretty adorable cotton cardigans I made for my grandchildren. It sounds like you are trying to use Lilly Brush to get pills off of artificial fiber knits sweaters. This product is advertised only as a solution for pills on 100% natural fibers like cotton, cashmere, wool, hemp, etc. You might try it on those before you give up on it completely.

    • Thank you for the tip! It worked much better on my wool sweater as you suggested. I’m not giving up as I really do like the idea of it since I don’t have much luck with fabric shavers and end up cutting holes in my favorite sweaters.

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