Too Faced Amazing Face SPF 15 Foundation Powder

Too Faced Amazing Face SPF 15 Foundation Powder

I’m really on a roll lately withing reviewing all of the products that I got from Ulta. I like to use the products for a few days before I write about them. I used to use Bare Minerals mineral foundation in college but stopped using them after a few years because I concluded that they were making me break out. Recently, I noticed that I had a ton of freckles from living in AZ. Don’t get me wrong, I love my freckles. However, I also have some hyperpigmentation from acne which needs to go. During my Ulta haul, I asked the sales associate helping me what powder foundation she recommends. She recommended Two Faced Amazing Face SPF 15 Powder Foundation ($32) to me and I chose the color Warm Vanilla. They have 5 color options available.

The compact is a little clunky for my taste. The powder part of the compact lifts up to reveal a compartment for a sponge. I guess this is kind of neat but I prefer to use brushes as it’s much more hygienic that way. The packaging says that this product goes from sheer and natural, to full and flawless, with this flexible coverage foundation. Unfortunately for me, this does not provide the coverage that I’m looking for. It’s almost an invisible powder for me. I don’t expect it to provide as much coverage as a BB cream or a foundation, but no matter how much powder I put on, it didn’t even hide some of the light redness I had. I also found that the more I put on, the flakier it got. It did not blend very well on me at all.

It would be great to use as a finishing powder to soak up excess oil but as a foundation, it doesn’t meet my needs. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to return it.

Anyone have any powder foundation recommendations for me?



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