Benefit Fine One One Blush

Benefit Fine One One

I’ve never really been a blush person. To me, I only wore the dark red blushes when I was younger and performing in dance or ice skating shows. I never really thought to wear it as part of my everyday makeup routine. It wasn’t until I saw reviews for Tarte’s Exposed blush and tried it out that I incorporated it in to my everyday routine. At my last haul, I had the intentions of picking up Too Face’s Cocoa Rose since it is similar to the Exposed color. However, they had run out of the color and my coupon was only good for one use. I like Benefit products. I think it’s my first prestige brand that I bought in High School. I asked the Benefit lady what blush she would recommend and she asked if I wanted to try their new product, Benefit Fine One One ($30). She pulled out this stick of blush and glided it on to my face. Just looking at the tube, I was a little intimidated. I didn’t want to look like a clown, especially since I was shopping during my lunch break and had to go back to work. She twisted the blush on to one my face from the apple of the cheeks up to my hair line and then used her fingers to rub it in. She then showed me what it looked like and I was really surprised on how sheer the color was. It was the perfect pop of color that I was looking for and would be a great color for the spring/summer. She then did the other side of my face so that I wouldn’t be lopsided. I don’t like glitter or shimmer in my makeup and liked that this blush has a slight dewy look but doesn’t scream hey! I’m wearing blush.

This product is $30 which is a few dollars more than their typical blushes. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but at least I got it on sale. This blush is super easy to apply and wear. It wouldn’t be the best option if you’re looking to do some contouring and exact placement though. The packaging is super cute and has a bronzey/pink mirror finish. It’s small enough to carry around in your purse if you need a mid-day pick me up. However, I’ve learned my lesson on carrying makeup and other products in my purse because it gets to over 100 degrees here and I wouldn’t want it to melt. You can also use this on your lips too although I haven’t tried that yet. I think I’ll reserve this product to my face though. Overall, I would recommend this blush for it’s pretty easy to wear color and ease of use. If you’re on a budget, I’m sure you can find an equally pretty blush color for much less.

Benefit Fine One One Swatch


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