What To Wear To The Phoenix WM Open

The Phoenix Waste Management Open is one of my favorite times of the year in AZ. Let’s be honest, you don’t have to know anything about golf or really even enjoy it to have a good time. It’s my favorite because of all the preppy fashion that you see from Sperry’s to croakies, kind of reminds me of my college days.

You most likely landed on this page because you searched for what to wear to the event. It’s OK, I did the same thing last year. The first thing is to keep the weather in mind.


You’re supposed to wear what you would wear while golfing to tournaments. But really, the Phoenix Open is like the Kentucky Derby of golf. People are definitely dressed to impressed and go all out. Ladies, if you plan on wearing a sun dress, I recommend you bring a cardigan. Last year it was pretty warm when I went so I wore a dress. Even if it’s not cold, you at least  have something to sit on.  A lot of other ladies were wearing colored jeans or pants. As for shoes, stay away from high heels and wedges. While they look nice, you’ll be walking and standing a lot on hills of grass. Sandals, flats, and boots are recommended.  Guys, you have it way easier. Khaki pants, a polo, and some Sperry’s would be my recommendation but really, you can wear whatever. There is no dress code at the Open. Don’t forget to bring some sunglasses to protect those eyes of yours.

If you’re attending on Saturday, don’t forget to put some green on. For every person who wears green on Saturday, the Thunderbirds will donate some green to three charities in the Phoenix area. Here are some suggestions on what to sport for this event.

Green Lace Dress

green blazer

Ralph Lauren Green Pants

green blouse

As for myself, I’ll be sporting some khaki pants, a white polo, and Sperry’s because I’m volunteering on Saturday. My sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, is co-chairing this event for Phoenix Panhellenic this year raising money for scholarships for sorority women. It’s not too late if you can still volunteer but I would recommend that you check it out next year. You get free passes for the week and some other perks and it’s for a great cause. You can learn more here.


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