Eco Tools: Powder and Retractable Kabuki Brush

Eco Tools Powder Brush and Retractable Kabuki Brush

As you know, I came home with a huge Ulta haul yesterday. However, the store that I went to did not have the Eco Tools brushes that I wanted so today, I went to a different one. Even if you didn’t receive their 20% off everything for loyal customer coupons, they’re still offering a 20% off your total purchase coupon (you just can’t use it on prestige brands). Print your coupon here. I never shop at Ulta without printing off a coupon first.

Lucky for me, Eco Tools brushes were also buy one get one 50% off! I picked up their powder brush (# 1200) and retractable kabuki (#1214) for just under $15.

Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki #1214Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush #1214

Since I’ve gone away from wearing mineral powder foundations, I haven’t had a need for a kabuki brush. But since I picked one up yesterday in my haul, I decided I needed a new one since my old was old all scratchy and sparse. I liked that this can be easily thrown in to your makeup bag without worrying about destroying the bristles. The brush is super soft and reminds me of a smaller version of the bronzer brush that I did a past review on.

Eco Tools BrushesEco Tools Brushes

The denseness of the two brushes are about the same. From now on, I’ll probably just bring the retractable kabuki when traveling.

I also needed a new powder brush as my old one was falling apart fast.

eco tools brushes 004

To the left is the full flawless face brush by Bare Minerals which I used to use all the time. However, their brushes always become scratchy and I find my self replacing them once or twice a year. For that price, I except the brushes to last longer. The middle brush came with my Sephora pink brush kit. I’ve had it for about a year now. As you can see, the two brushes on the left just aren’t as full (or soft) as my new Eco Tools brush (they used to). The Eco Tools powder brush is a lot longer than the other two which is a little annoying because it doesn’t fit in my brush case. I wish they would make the handle shorter.

Eco Tools Cases

Eco Tools brushes come in their own reusable case. Unfortunately, they’re not that practical. The one on the left came with my bronzer brush and I believe is an older design. It comes with a snap closure and there isn’t as much branding on it. The back is a canvas material while the front is plastic. I used it when I went to San Diego and found that it was difficult to get the brush out. I had to pull on the hairs, which is not a good thing and may have pulled some out. I was able to remove the powder brush from the case pretty easily. The retractable kabuki however was a big pain to get out. The cases just fit the brush, not giving it a lot of wiggle room. The new cases have a ton of branding on it, which is fine but I don’t like how it’s all plastic. Maybe I can find some other uses for them?

Either way, I highly recommend Eco Tool brushes. They’re affordable and super soft. Even expensive brushes need to be replaced so you might as well spend less if you can.

What’s your favorite makeup brush brand?


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