Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-hour Primer

Tarte BB Tinted 12-hour Primer Light

Ulta Haul
I got the 20% off coupon (they excluded some prestige brands this time like Urban Decay) that Ulta just sent out to some of their loyal customers and boy was I excited to get it! I definitely did some damage and left with way more than I thought I would. They’re all new products that I’ve never tried before (minus the nail polish remover, which was only 70 cents by the way). Instead of one large post, I’ll break them up.

First up, Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen ($34.00).

Tarte BB Light

BB creams have definitely become a big fad. I’ve been hesitant to try them because I’ve tried tinted moisturizes in the past and I don’t like the way they feel on my skin. I can tell that it’s there and it makes my face feel too oily. I also don’t wear foundation. I’ve never really thought I needed it since I have pretty good skin although lately I’ve noticed I have a ton of freckles (probably since it’s always sunny in AZ). Plus, I prefer a natural look where people can’t tell that I’m wearing a ton of makeup. I found a nice sales associate at Ulta that introduced me to all of her favorite products and this was one of them. She first showed me Too Faced’s Air-Buffed BB Creme. While it’s a cream, it melts into a nice powder-like finish when you rub it in to your skin. I would be open to trying this one in the future. I ended up with the Tarte one because she told me that was what she’s been wearing lately and loves how much coverage she gets from it. I didn’t realize until I later inspected the package that it was a primer. I’ve used primers in the past and like that they turn in to a velvety texture when rubbed in and you can’t even tell it’s on (probably why I liked it so much at the store). She also said that it uses natural ingredients and is good for your skin, which is always a plus.

BB box back

tarte bb primer light

I picked up their Light color as it was the best match for my skin. Above you can see that it looks like a liquid foundation or moisturizer but I assure you, as soon as you start to rub it in, it completely blends in without that icky feeling. Primers are also nice if you have oily skin because it helps to soak up the excess oil leaving your face fresh feeling and a perfect canvas. You can wear this alone or with powders.

Do you think you’ll pick this up? What are your favorite drugstore or prestige BB creams?


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