My Frugalicious Christmas Tree

frugal christmas tree banner

My Mom’s here visiting me before we drive to LA to celebrate Christmas with the rest of my family and my grandparents. She noticed my lack of Christmas decorations and was on a mission to make my place a little more festive. I should probably note that my mom is so much more frugal than I am, and you’ll see why. She told me that Big Lots had the best Christmas sale and that we had to go there when I got home from work. I rarely go to Big Lots, mostly just with my mom. They really do have some fabulous things for cheap.

We picked up a 6 ft pre-lit tree for $18. The 4 ft pre-lit tree was only $10 but a little on the short side. I decided to go for the white lights since the colored ones wouldn’t go with my theme. They had so many colorful ornaments for cheap. Everything was 50% off! I got a pack of 12 sparkly teal ornaments for only $2. I wanted silver ornaments too (my theme is blue and silver to be like the Tiffany & Co trees) but my mom said to wait until they go on sale even more. See why I say she’s even cheaper than I am? We also picked up some fabulous silver ornament hangers that had 24 in a pack for $1 (50 cents after the discount). All this for about $20!


Pretty ornaments

I have one red ladybug ornament that was given to me by one of my sorority sisters through an ornament exchange that we did this year. I’m really liking the red and light blue color combo that I’m seeing popping up everywhere. If they had red ornaments I would have picked some up too. Funny, as I’m writing this my Mom is texting me because she went back to Big Lots and is getting me the silver ornaments I want. Anyway, we also went to all the other craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Jo-Ann but they didn’t have anything good or really anything left.


I had to take Enzo’s first Christmas photo under my new tree. Ignore the blanket  skirt that I threw together real quick to hide the stand as I’m still on the search for a cute and cheap tree skirt. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect tree topper. They have a lot of cute ones at Target but their Christmas stuff isn’t really on sale just yet. In the meantime, I put one of the peacock feathers that I have from my Halloween costume on top to hide the really awkward middle branch that is way too long by itself. Below is my beautiful Christmas tree (pre-silver ornaments) next to my mini pink sparkly Christmas tree that I got in the dollar section at Target a few years ago when I was in college.


My fabulous tree(s)

Where do you go to find cheap Christmas decorations or do you pay full price for them when they first come out?


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