DIY: Holla Day Sweater

diy happy holla days sweater banner



Every year, there is always a party that you’re invited to where you need a ugly holiday sweater. Unless you plan ahead early and buy one right when they come out, probably after Thanksgiving, you’ll have a hard time finding one. Have you ever noticed that most holiday sweaters are for women? So, what’s a guy to do? Why not make one instead? It’ll cost you a lot less than buying one and you can get creative with it. Not the most crafty person out there? That’s ok, it’s supposed to be ugly.

I made this one for my boyfriend so that he could wear it to his holiday party at work. We bought a crewneck sweatshirt from Walmart for about $5, 3 pieces of felt, and a ball of yellow yarn for $3.75. I cut out the letters from the felt and loosely sewed them on. Don’t know how to sew? Glue it on. I sewed it on so that we could reuse the sweatshirt afterward. My boyfriend made the chain out of the yellow yarn doing a friendship bracelet kind of thing. I was just going to braid the yard and tie a bunch of loops together, similar to those paper chains we used to make in school.

End result? A pretty cool sweater for less than 10 bucks. Holla!


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