My New and Shiny Instagram Profile

instagram profile banner

Instagram announced 2 days ago that they would start to roll out Instagram profiles that are viewable on the web. To see if you have one yet, go to[username]. For example, mine is Go to their blog for all of the details here.

I think it’s pretty neat and is a great way to get new followers and promote your Instagram. I added the link to my about section. I found that it used to be hard to find people and businesses who didn’t have their profiles connected to Facebook. Now you can follow me with one click. I love the design, especially when my dog, Enzo, pops up in the larger image with his puppy dog face. How can you not go awww?

I currently have my profile set to public, it’s not like I’m posting anything scandalous or anything that should be hidden from the public. However, if you’re worried about the privacy of your account, Mashable wrote up a great article on how to change your privacy setting. Read more about it here.

Do you like the new Instagram profiles? Will you change your settings to private?


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