DIY: Peacock Costume

DIY Peacock Costume

When I was younger, my favorite part about Halloween wasn’t necessarily the trick-or-treating. Instead, it was being able to decide what I wanted to be and then going to the fabric store with my Mom to get all of the materials and her making our costumes. They were unique and no one else had one just like it. I don’t understand why Halloween costumes are so expensive. They’re poorly put together and as you get older, hardly consist of any fabric.​

This year, after thinking long and hard about what I wanted to be, I decided on being a peacock. I’m kind of obsessed with them lately and found some really cute costumes online. Audrina Patridge and Ashley Greene had 2 of my favorite costumes and is what I based mine off of. You can find similar costumes at Halloween stores and online retailing for $200! That is just crazy. Instead, I decided to make my own and here’s how I did it.

What You’ll Need:

  • Elastic for the tutu (long enough to fit around your waist)
  • About 3-4 spools of tulle (6 inches wide) of any color(s)
  • Peacock feathers
  • Pack of feathers (any color)
  • Cardboard (I used a shoe box)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Corset, tank top, tee
  • Shorts

Step One: Make The Tutu

This process is very easy and the materials can be found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnn Fabrics. However, after I had already made mine, I saw that I could have bought them on Amazon for about $10. had I known this, I would have just bought mine since the cost was about the same and I had to do a lot of running around to find the exact color of tulle I wanted. However, I really like my tutu since I got to put my own custom touches on it.

I wanted my tutu to be long enough to cover my butt, even though I was wearing shorts. I cut strips of tulle that was about 20-22 inches long. If you want the length of your tutu to be 10 inches, you need to cut each strip at 20 inches (easy math). After you’ve cut all of your strips, it is time to tie them to the elastic. Don’t forget to save some tulle for your peacock tail (long enough to tie around your waist). As for the length of the elastic, I tied it so that it was snug across my body. You want it to be slightly smaller than your waist so that it stretches. This prevents your tutu from falling down from the weight.

I folded each strip in half to make a loop. Next, you have to pull the non-looped side through the loop. Lastly, pull the loop you’ve made up to the elastic until you have made a tight knot. Keep going until you have achieve the fullness you desire. The fun part about making your own tutu is that you can really customize it and make it your own. You can use any colors you want. I used black and blue but you could use more traditional peacock colors like blue and green. Below is my tutu about half-way through.

My tutu half-way through

Step Two: Make Your Peacock Tail

Now that you have your tutu, you need the tail! I bought my peacock feathers online from They offer free shipping and you get 10 for $4.69. I bought 2 packs but could have gotten away with 1 since I wasn’t going to decorate my top with peacock feathers. You can of course find them at most craft stores but they are a lot more expensive. I also bought a big pack of black feathers at Hobby lobby for $2.99.

Take your cardboard and cut a small fan shape out of it. This is going to be your base where you will glue all of the feathers. Using a hot glue gun, I glued the peacock feathers on the cardboard in to a tail shape. I did not want the tail to be wider than my body to avoid people running in to it but you can make yours as large as you want. I finished the tail off by gluing black feathers on to the base of the tail. You can use any color you want or can even skip this step. I’ve seen costumes that had a big cute bow glued on to the bottom but decided to skip this step since my tutu was multicolored anyway.

Once your tail is completely dried, turn it over and glue the extra piece of tulle that fits around your waist to the cardboard to form a belt.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Here you can see the fan shaped cardboard that I cut out

Step Three: Find A Top

I had a plain black tube top that I was going to wear but did not really like the way it looked with the tutu. It just did not have the pizzaz that I wanted. I ended up buying a pretty black corset for $30. This is more than I would have liked to spend but Halloween was coming up and I did not have enough time to purchase it online. However, I can definitely use this again for other costumes. You do not have to wear a black top. It can be blue or green. I thought I would get more use out of a black one and it went with my tutu. My inspirations both had peacock feathers glued to the front of the corset but I decided to not do this because I did not want to mess up my new corset. It is warm in Arizona, even in October, so I was not cold. You can also use long sleeves or a t-shirt if you need more layers.

My black corset top

Step Four (optional): Accessorize

Now that all of the components are done, it’s time to accessorize! There are some pretty crazy/elaborate eye makeup for peacock costumes if you Google it. I prefer something a little simpler and more on the classy side. I did a smokey eye look using a turquoise NYX shadow as a base. I also used fake lashes for a more dramatic look. Target had 3 ELF lashes in a set for $3! I bought the eyelash glue there too which was a little more expensive ($6) but I heard that the Duo brand worked well and that the dark colored glue was the best since it dries to a dark grey color.

Here are just a few examples of what you could do

I am going to wear these cute all black wedges that I have because they are comfortable enough to wear all night. You can wear leggings, tights, or fishnet if you want to. I also made a cute hair clip by gluing a peacock feather and some leftover tulle to it.

This was by far my favorite Halloween costume to wear. I received a lot of compliments on it and a lot of people were surprised when I told them that I made it.

Do you make your own costumes or do you buy them?


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