My Uncle’s Wedding Weekend

This past weekend I was in the San Francisco area for my Uncle’s long awaited wedding, he’s over 50! I’ve been to SF once before when I was younger but I don’t remember anything except for it being super hilly and my Mom complaining about it (typical). Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to do any sight-seeing this trip since my Dad was very involved with the wedding and we had a ton of errands to run. I did however have some great food since both my Dad and I are foodies.

This is the one skyline photo I managed to capture

The wedding was on Sunday at the Hacienda de la Flores and the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa (very posh). The ceremony itself was short and sweet, mostly just exchanging vows. This was their second wedding as they had their first in China for the bride’s family.


Myself, my Dad, and Sister

The reception was held back at the hotel with cocktail hour in the beautiful courtyard and dinner being held inside. My Uncle created a slideshow to introduce his family and friends to the bride and also included photos and tidbits about her to us which was a great touch. He also sang his rendition of December, 1963 (Oh What a Night) with his own words which was pretty cute. Lastly, we put together a small flash mob to the same song to surprise her. I’d say it worked since it was the only time she cried that night. Hopefully we’ll get a Youtube video of it up soon.

Overall, the wedding went pretty smoothly and it was a nice mini vacation for me. It was also great to have both of my Dad’s family together in one place since we don’t get to see them very often with our busy lifestyles. I’m lucky to have such a great family!


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