My Quest for the Bubble Statement Necklace

bubble statement necklace banner

I first noticed these necklaces popping up on Pinterest. I believe J. Crew was the first to come out with them, but of course with a big price tag. They’re currently running for $150 or $120 depending on what color you want. You can check out their site here. While they’re super cute and come in a lot of fun colors, I can’t justify spending that much money on a fun statement piece that will probably go out of style. I started to look on other sites like Etsy to see if I could score a knockoff for much cheaper. There are tons of sellers who are selling essentially the same necklace on Etsy for about $16 at the cheapest without shipping.

Then, I got an email from Living Social (LS for short) that I could get the same necklace for $16 plus shipping (originally $49). I decided that this was a sign that I should move forward with getting it, so I did. As much as I love the turquoise necklace (a given), I eventually opted for the bright fuchsia. I have a few other statement necklaces in turquoise but nothing in that fun bright fuchsia, probably my second favorite color right now.

Bright Fuchsia Statement Necklace

Here’s a link so that you can pick up yours too: click me. If one more person gets it, I’ll get mine for free (and I’ll love you forever). Let me know if you decide to get it and what color you chose. I just got an Email letting me know that it has shipped, yay!


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